Are There Any Ways To Completely Remove Cockroaches

Cockroach infestation is a very big problem in the home and doing something to do cockroach control is very important. They carry lots of germs and roam everywhere in your home which deteriorates your health or hygiene. And, in this article, we are going to share with you some effective ways to do Professional Pest Controllers.

Remove Cockroaches
Remove Cockroaches
  1. Boric acid: Boric acid is one of the trusted home remedy methods to do cockroach control. All you have to do is to sprinkle the boric acid powder in every single corner or nook of your carpet. Let the boric acid sit for a while. When cockroaches come in contact with the boric acid, then, they will die. Wet boric acid does not work at all. But, when you do , take care because it is a poisonous acid and needs to be kept out of the reach of kids or pets all the time.
  1. Baking soda: Using baking soda for cockroach control is a very classic technique. A mixture of baking soda and sugar can help you to do cockroach control as well as other pests. Sugar attracts insects or pests and baking soda kills them efficiently. So the combination of baking soda and sugar works very well. You just need to find out the hideouts of the cockroaches or other pests. Then sprinkle the baking soda or sugar mixture in the corners and leave it.
  1. Neem: Neem is a well-known cockroach killer. It is a natural remedy to knock out pests. You can use neem powder or oil which can help you to do cockroach control very efficiently. But using it in a proper way is very important, for using the neem in oil form, you need to mix it with some amount of water and then, spray it on those places where you spotted cockroaches or other pests in your home. And, if you are using neem powder, then, just sprinkle it on the spotted areas.
  1. Peppermint oil: Peppermint oil is a very effective oil to do cockroach control. All you have to do is to make a mixture of peppermint oil or saltwater, then, spray the mixture on the spotted areas of your home. You will definitely be able to notice the difference and regular pest control is required.
  1. Bay leaves: For cockroach control, you can also use bay leaves, they are effective too. All you have to do is to crush the bay leaves and turn them into powder, then sprinkle on the areas where you have noticed cockroaches, then leave it. When cockroaches come in contact with the bay leaves powder, they will die or you will be freed from cockroaches permanently. Using bay leaves is one the easiest ways of getting rid of cockroaches or doing cockroach control.


So, these are some of the ways by which you will be able to do professional pest control permanently. Or, if you find out that the infestation is out of control, then, you can hire any pest control service to get rid of cockroaches or other harmful pests.