Flea Control Botany

Efficient Flea Control Service in Botany

Do you have pets at home? If yes, there’s a possibility of flea infestation at some point in life. There are several fleas, cat fleas, dog fleas, mice fleas, and more which prey on them and live off their blood. Not only do they give nasty bites, but also spread diseases. Humans, especially little children, can suffer from tapeworms due to flea infestation. These parasites are tiny, and the only way your home can become a flea-terror-free area is professional help. We, at Pest Control Botany, have more than 20 years of experience and a lot of knowledge about these fleas to exterminate them completely. Contact us on 02 3813 8690, and we will use safe and environment-friendly techniques to deal with the tiny uninvited guests.

Efficient Flea Control Service

Kinds of Fleas Found in Botany

There are different types of flea pests in Botany which live off your pets and you. These are:

  • Bird Fleas
  • Dog Fleas
  • Bird Mites
  • Cat Fleas
  • Scabies Mite Fleas
  • Pigeon Ticks

If you have any pets at home and they suffer from flea bite and discomfort, contact us. We will provide you with an effective pet-friendly flea control service and get rid of your home of those pests.

When Should You Call Us For Flea Control Botany?

Fleas are tiny, wingless pests that are approx. 2.5mm in length. Hence, it is difficult to find and identify them if you aren’t a professional. Their body colour gives them the freedom to hide in pet fur and easily move through it.

But, some common signs indicate a flea infestation.

  • If your pets feel uncomfortable and more itchy than usual, it may be the fleas. Pets keep scratching them in such conditions.
  • A bite that keeps itching.
  • Coarse pepper-like flea dirt.

Fleas may feed off you as well.

  • A flea bite leaves a swollen lump on your skin.
  • The bitten area feels itchy.
  • You will find flea bites on your body.

If you find any of these signs bothering you, it’s time for you to call for expert help on 02 3813 8690. We, at Pest Control Botany, are here at your service 24*7. We will make your dwelling flea-free using a quick, reliable, guaranteed, and effective flea control treatment.

Why are We the Best Choice for Flea Control Services in Botany?

  • Our exceptional training helps us in identifying, targeting, and eradicating the fleas in your house.
  • Experts at Pest Control Botany have over 20 years of experience in top-quality pest control.
  • We use only safe and environment-friendly flea control solutions to treat the infestation in and around your house.
  • You will not experience any discomfort, nor your home will undergo disruption during the treatment process.
  • We offer instant, cost-effective, and reliable solutions.