Boric Acid Or Borax Which Is The Right Solution For Pest Control?

Boric Acid Or Borax Which Is The Right Solution For Pest Control?

Looking for the best pest control options can be a tiring thing. Moreover, it is a cherry on the top case, if you don’t know the difference between borax and boric acid. Though you have reached a solution, it won’t be much help. And the most important question, are they safe even?

Therefore, before getting down in a war against pests, do your homework. Learn to differentiate between borax and boric acid, so that you can choose the suitable one.

Differences In Between Borax And Boric Acid

Borax and boric acid, both are different derivatives of the same compound. Whereas borax is available in nature as a mineral, boric acid is a processed, refined chemical. Normally borax is used as an antifungal agent in packing material. But, boric acid is used in insecticides, pesticides, as flame-retardants. However, both borax and boric acid are in white powder forms and dissolve in water.    

Boric Acid Or Borax, Which Is More Effective In Pest Control?

Though both borax and boric acid are derivatives of boron compounds, they work differently. Most cleaning products use borax. These two boron derivatives are extremely poisonous. So, people use them as an effective pesticide and insecticide.

However, a detailed comparison shows boric acid is far more effective than borax. So, if you are planning to use this chemical, learn the limitations first.

Boric Acid In Pesticides

Not just boric acid but, one needs to be extremely cautious while using any pesticide. If a pesticide can harm pests, it will also have some effects on humans and house pets. Therefore, if you have kids and pets in your house, don’t just put them in use. Maintain some precautions or put those pesticides out of kids, and animals reach.

Both borax and boric acid are efficient in killing pests but boric acid is slightly more powerful than the former. Usually, boric acid in pesticides comes in tablets, liquids, powder, and sometimes in a trap.

How Boric Acid Works In Pesticide

Normally, boric acid kills the targeted pest or insect once they ingest the chemical. Therefore, it only works on the self-cleaned pests. Therefore, before applying boric acid in action, zoom out your target pest. Either the pest will consume directly, or the powder will stick to their body. And while self-cleaning, they will indirectly eat the boric acid.

Once the pests ingest the chemical, it dismantles the metabolism. Therefore, it results in exoskeleton deforming, eventually killing the organism.

What Boric Acid Can Do And What Can’t?

Even though boric acid is an effective pest control method, it has limited uses. To kill a pest or insect, those particular insects need to eat the pesticide. Your concerned pest has to consume it in any forms like liquid, powder, or even bait.

Therefore, you can’t tame those pests, who do not have an interest in processed food. So if you have ticks, wasps, hornets, flies, beetles, spiders, moths, and bed bugs; you can’t use boric acid on them. In such cases, it is better to contact professional Pest Control Botany.

Safety Measures For Using Boric Acids In Pest Control

If a chemical can kill an entire organism by affecting their metabolism, just think about what it can do to you. So, if you want to put it in action, try to follow some precautions.

  • Always keep the pesticides in a closed zip lock bag.
  • Kids and animals can unknowingly consume pesticides. Therefore, always put them far away from their reach.
  • Make sure to get only 5-10% of boric acid in your pesticides.
  • The powder can cause issues in the respiratory system. Therefore, always use masks while working with boric acid.

So, by now you must have understood that in-between boric acid and borax, boric acid is more effective and easy to use. However, handling pesticides is very dangerous. So, it is better to go and talk to your local pest controllers. After all, only an expert can provide you with the best solution.